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Schwarz Family Historic Home

Originally built in the 1880's, this historic home in Boerne, Texas preserved its original look while receiving a 791 sf addition and a complete energy overhaul.

Tasked with the remodel, Great Homes Builder Robert Thornton contacted Foam-One-One's Willy Strasner for the insulation consultation: 

"Preserving the original cathedral ceiling meant insulating the roof from the outside, a non-traditional method.  Over-framing allowed us the space to spray 3 inches of closed-cell foam from above while designing for a sufficient air gap between the shake shingles venting convectively from soffit to ridge.  The interior perimeter walls of the house were open to the cavity but did not have an exterior vapor retarder so we decided to use closed-cell here too for the necessary moisture control.  Addressing the vented crawlspace we sprayed another 2 inches of closed-cell under the floor for the same thermal and moisture protection as walls and roof deck."  

The additional square footage built to the back of the old home was insulated with open-cell incorporating a more traditional approach to construction methods because the walls and roof were designed with a bulk water houswrap and vapor retarder.  

The renovated historic home is designated to live on as a productive, energy efficient office near downtown Boerne.      


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Scenic Oaks New Construction

At over 3,000 sf, this new residential construction can expect great energy savings with a complete thermal envelope encased with open-cell spray foam.  A two day job, Foam-One-One crews completed the work ahead of schedule in the wooded Scenic Oaks neighborhood just east of Boerne, Texas off I-10. 

A nominal 3.5 inches in the walls and 5.5 inches in the roof line, the air sealed home will get a truly effective R-Value with this type of insulation. 

"The builder knew early in the design phase they were using open-cell foam for the walls and roof line.  They found an HVAC contractor familiar with the benefits of a spray foam insulated home and designed the right-sized system that will keep the house cool and dry year round, no sweat!" 

-Willy Strasner, Foam-One-One